Wedia Office 365 Content Picker

This article explains how to install and use the Wedia Content Picker in your Office software.

Setup Instructions

In order to use the Office Picker, you need to activate them in your Office applications : Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook.

The Wedia Content Picker is only visible if you are connected on Office 365 with your company account, not a personal or school account.

Your company Office 365 system administrator has to install the Wedia Content Picker in your company account. A step by step process for system administrators is described here :

This setup shows screenshots for the Microsoft Powerpoint integration, but this is the very same step by step process for other Office 365 softwares such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

  • Make sure you are connected to your Office 365 Company Account


  • Open a blank document

  • Navigate to the second tab on the ribbon, “Insert”, and locate the “my Add-ins” entry

  • Navigate on the second tab “Admin managed”, and click “Refresh” :

  1. The Wedia Asset Picker should appear.

  • Click to highlight the Wedia Asset Picker, and click “Add” :

  • The content picker will now appear in your Office Ribbon, on the first tab :


Using the Office 365 Content Picker

  • To use the content picker, open it by clicking the ribbon icon. This will display a connection panel to your Wedia DAM

  • Login using your Wedia DAM credentials. A media list will appear.

  • You can start your search, and benefit from the autocompletion :


  • In order to insert a media into your content, click on the insert button that appear when hovering on your selected media :





Installing Wedia Content Picker for Office in Outlook

The Outlook UI is a little bit different from the other Office suite softwares :