Setup instructions

Please check this link before starting the setup of wedia-config on your existing project :

If your project is still using the “old” security concepts (without the use of PACKAGED_Security), we do not recommend to transform your project into a starter-kit enabling the use of wedia-config, because you will have to remodel and retest your entire security, role and permission model.

  • To benefit from the full version of wedia-config, we recommend to have an engine version >= 2023.3.0

  • Your project must be using the security concepts brought by PACKAGED_Security

  • If you want to use the data managment feature your project’s database management system must be mariaDB

    • 10.5.9+

    • with “default_storage_engine": innodb

    • with minimum “innodb_page_size“: 64Kb

The data management feature brought by wedia-config will not be accessible if the following limits are reached:

  • 30 metadata of list type, Yes/No, or tree with single selection

  • 150 fields per object maximum (with a default of 70 per collection)

  • 100,000 assets


1/ Engine upgrade

  1. Upgrade to version greater or equal to 2023.3.0

    1. Try to retrieve as many changes as possible from the war (structure, plugin.xml, rewriting.xml, etc…)

    2. You need an extended security.xml from the NAR

  2. Restore plugins from the war

  3. Activate WXM_CONFIG_RESOLVER, PACKAGED_Appearance_Config, PACKAGED_CONFIGS, PACKAGED_BASES and PACKAGED_Faces if they are not already activated

  4. Update Config_Resolver params

    1. Update config_settings value according to you wediaportalrc (appConfigs) configuration

      1. Default value :

        { "mappings": { "portal": "starter-kit@project", "portal@picker": "starter-kit@project@$starter-kit-picker@:userAgent", "portal@picker@office": "starter-kit@project@$starter-kit-picker@office@:userAgent", "portal@picker@office@outlook": "starter-kit@project@$starter-kit-picker@office@outlook@:userAgent", "wediaConfig": "__wedia_config" }, "postProcessors": { "surferRole": "fr.wedia.confres.core.model.processor.SurferRolePostProcessor", "userAgent": { "processor": "fr.wedia.confres.core.model.processor.UserAgentPostProcessor", "config": [ { "pattern": ".*Mobi.*", "name": "$starter-kit-mobile" } ] } }, "baseLocations": { "starter-kit": "PACKAGED_BASES", "emptyObj": "PACKAGED_BASES", "__wedia_config": "PACKAGED_BASES" } }


      2. Example of an updated value of config_settings for a starter-kit project :

        { "mappings": { "portal": "starter-kit@myProject", "portal@picker": "starter-kit@myProject@$starter-kit-picker@:userAgent", "portal@picker@office": "starter-kit@myProject@$starter-kit-picker@office@:userAgent", "portal@picker@office@outlook": "starter-kit@myProject@$starter-kit-picker@office@outlook@:userAgent", "wediaConfig": "__wedia_config" }, "postProcessors": { "surferRole": "fr.wedia.confres.core.model.processor.SurferRolePostProcessor", "userAgent": { "processor": "fr.wedia.confres.core.model.processor.UserAgentPostProcessor", "config": [ { "pattern": ".*Mobi.*", "name": "$starter-kit-mobile" } ] } }, "baseLocations": { "starter-kit": "PACKAGED_BASES", "emptyObj": "PACKAGED_BASES", "__wedia_config": "PACKAGED_BASES" } }


    2. If your project is using postProcessors, you will have to add them in the postProcessors part of config_settings

    3. The value of baseLocations should not be changed

    4. default_holding_plugin should keep it’s default value : PACKAGED_CONFIGS


2/ Portal upgrade

  1. Merge the last wediaproduct/portal release (>= v2023.3.0) on your project

  2. Run npm ci

  3. Check your customizations

  4. Update your wediaportalrc with the new additions on wediaportalrc_product :

    1. Add useServerConfigResolution and set it to true

    2. Add userServerStyles and set it to true

    3. Check that jspMode is set to true, if not, set it to true.

    4. Add "wediaConfig": "__wedia_config" in appConfigs

  5. Switch your project to a starter-kit project, only if the project is not already defined from starter-kit default configuration

    1. rename your project folder to starter-kit@myProject

    2. update appConfigs in your wediaportalrc file

    3. If you know that your project is using some advanced configs for the setup of a specific behaviour/feature please check if the feature is still there after the switch. If not you’ll have to report/override the missing config from _portal to your startert-kit@myProject folder

  6. If you want to use the server side portal color feature, you will have some actions to do :

    1. Check that 4.a and 4.b are OK

    2. Check that PACKAGED_Appearance_Config is present and activated

    3. The old colors of your poject set by a css edition will be ignored, you will have to report them using the feature available within wedia-config : Appearance/ Logos & Colors.

The server side’s color feature is only effective for portal